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Solo Tenor Saxophone/Electronics

Score sample

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Brian Jones, guitarist and songwriter, born 1942, died 1969 by drowning in his swimming pool.

Jimi Hendrix, guitarist and composer, born 1942, died 1970, of causes related to an overdose of sleeping pills.

Janis Joplin, singer and songwriter, born 1943, died 1970 of a heroin overdose, possibly also under the influence of alcohol.

Jim Morrison, singer and songwriter, born 1943, died 1971. Cause unknown, but a suspected drug overdose.

Kurt Cobain, singer, guitarist and songwriter, born 1967, died 1994, presumably of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Jeremy Michael Ward, guitarist and sound artist, born 1976, died 2003 of a heroin overdose.

Amy Winehouse, singer and songwriter, born 1983, died 2011 of alcohol related causes.

At the time of their deaths, all were 27.

Score and Electronics: $30

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